Activation guide
1. Before watching the video it is important that hidden files are shown (if that is already the case, ignore points below and watch the video directly), otherwise the renaming of the folder from GridCalculator to .GridCalculator will not work (notice the period added before GridCalculator which will make it hidden).

2. Open the Terminal software, copy the 2 lines of text below:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

killall Finder

3. Paste the copied text from point 2 into the Terminal dialog, press Enter/Return to execute. You should now see all hidden files and be able to rename the folder to .GridCalculator

4. You are now ready for the video guide, watch it and then come back to point 5.

5. Now that you've watch the video lets hide the hidden files, copy the 2 lines of text below (then press Enter/Return to execute)

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

killall Finder

Demo and license activation should now work fine. We apologize for this workaround, changes in macOS Sierra prevent our installer from placing a certain file. We are currently working on this issue but do not know when a new installer will be available (most likely only for CC15).

Activation files (for macOS Sierra 10.12 or later)

Please note that currently there are no plans to update our older softwares to be compatible with macOS Sierra or newer versions. Starting from version CC 2017 and later our plug-in is fully compatible with macOS Sierra.

Download activation files

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